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SECURITY & LEVELS - Ski, Snowboard & Telemark 



M1 - Discoverer

From first-time skiers or boarders to those 
who can link their turns on piste in resort conditions.



M2 - Explorer

Skiers or boarders who can link turns on any resort piste and with some experience in easy off-pist terrain.

A minimum physical condition is required to tackle the short approaches at altitude to certain descents.



M3 - Rider

Skiers and boarders who are able to ski in control in all types of snow conditions. 

Physically able to manage a full day with significant changes in altitude and possbile long hikes.  A basic understanding of mountain security is strongly recommended.



M4 - Expert

A technical and physical condition that allows access to terrain that is extreme and engaged.  

(Riders must first be evaluated by Mountain Instinct staff).







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