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AVALANCHE COURSES -Safety is the most important feature of off piste skiing!


Mountains, powdery slopes, the shapes carved by the elements in nature are natural wonders, but they should never distract us from the thought that mountains have no pity for the reckless.


This environment is hostile for those who ignore its strength , dangerous for those who do not understand its ways.


The man has paid dearly for his experiments but found some tools to defend himself!  Avalanches remain the main danger outside glacier areas. The increasing interest in off piste skiing pushed the study of this phenomenon everywhere in the world. Today there are ways to analyze, measure

and protect ourselves from the risk of avalanche, as precaution is essential for any off piste practice.

Prevention is better than being punished !


Apart from the science there is one elementary notion to be remembered ;

to remain humble and respectful towards the mountains.


Each new customer will receive basic training before leaving: mountain safety , use of safety equipment.


Simulation exercises and field training will be offered in formulas of 1-2 days or more.






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